💰 best tricks Earn money by Instagram 2022

best tricks Earn money by Instagram 2022

You will be wondering, “How exactly do I make my followers produce money for me? It’s not about receiving money from them, or that for every follow in your account, Instagram will give you money.

What will make you earn a lot of money is to take advantage of your audience, who are your followers, and that due to that attention you receive on the social network, many people want to collaborate with you or buy what you offer?

The better known you are, they will pay you even to drink tap water and say it works wonders.

Well, that’s the general idea to make money, but now let’s get into how you can do it, and you’ll see that there are many methods if you think it’s not your thing or one of them doesn’t suit you:

Make Sponsored Publications
Make Sponsored Publications

Make sponsored publications

Instagram is a platform that easily connects advertisers and companies with influencers or users that have thousands and even millions of followers.

Why would an advertiser want to contact an Instagrammer?

Gaining followers on Instagram takes time, maybe sometimes too much (but that’s not why you get discouraged), and for companies or advertisers, it can cost a lot of money to invest so much time in growing an account.

That is why they prefer to go for the fastest, easiest, and sometimes even more economical: pay Instagrammers to promote them.

This is where you come in and start making money.

You only need to make a publication like the others, but if it is an advertiser that sells a shampoo or hair conditioner, you must fix your hair, take a good angle and show the product in your photo.

All this accompanied by a caption that has a message directly promoting the product or brand. Something like: “The only way to make my hair shine after a long day is to use the conditioner of this brand during each wash.”

Do not forget the hashtags and the mention of the company and even your Instagram account linked to the image.

Companies and advertisers not only take advantage of making money and generate more sales with these publications, but also a direct part of your followers to your account.

And you in the process, you can earn up to $ 5,000 per post depending on how many followers you have and how big the advertiser’s company or business you sponsor is.

This is the most common method you’ll see all over Instagram, but it’s not a method for every user with a couple of followers.

If you want to earn well for it, make sure you have at least a few thousand and not a few hundred followers.

Did you manage to make millions of followers? Then let me tell you that loyal Instagram personalities like Lele Pons, earn up to $ 90,000 for a single sponsored post.

Sell All Your Photos
Sell All Your Photos

Sell all your photos

Some pages specialize in this, but you have had the opportunity to verify that there is no better place to sell your photos than Instagram itself.

Why do you believe it? First, because you would be surprised at the number of people who prefer to search Instagram for a photo with a hashtag or word, then go to Google and see results that, although sometimes they are good, they are nothing out of the ordinary.

Each user is a world, and therefore, the photos they publish (although not all) are usually different and something that you may not have seen before.

The problem is that you will know that Instagram does not have an option to directly save the image to your cell phone unless you take a screen on your screen.

This is fine because copyright is taken care of, and this is where the great idea of selling your photos comes up.

If someone enters your profile or explores a photo of you that he loved, he will want to have that photo, but instead of taking a photo on the screen, wouldn’t it be better to have it in HD? Well, that’s what they believe.

Do you have a picture of a cherry tree, and someone has loved it and decides they want to buy it? Put a price on it, and after receiving your payment, send the original.

The images that have many likes have a higher cost, and that is that although a photo may seem current if thousands or millions of people liked it, something that costs $ 5 can even cost $ 300.

There are many ways in which you can offer your photos, and in addition to just that, you can take advantage and play with them to make new merchandise and also put it on sale.

Start An Online Store
Start An Online Store

Start an online store

Some Instagram accounts are just starting to set up a store and sell their products, but what if you do it differently? It is easier to gain followers when you dedicate yourself fully to that, and then you start to take advantage of it. Therefore, if you want to sell a product or offer your services, you can do it through your Instagram posts.

By having many followers, with that, you gained all the reputation you needed so that users feel safe when buying.

Also, you can still earn money selling your photos or making sponsored publications since although you will be setting up a store, you don’t necessarily have to dedicate your entire account to it.

You can keep variety in the photos you upload and thus opt for the different methods.

Instagram is a great place to sell products, and even more if you have a website where people can shop comfortably.

The social network has an option called Instagram Shopping and allows you to place links and the cost of the products in the images that you upload to your account.

In this way, users can see the costs without asking all the time or if they have a hard time going down a little and reviewing the description.

Put Your Account For Sale
Put Your Account For Sale

Put your account for sale

Some people are not dedicated to creating an account and gain many followers to stay managing it for life, but sell it to someone who does not want to go through the entire growth process.

How a job? It’s simple, they are dedicated to growing accounts, earning a lot of followers with them, and when they have a decent amount, they sell them to people or companies that do not have enough time to devote to creating an account from scratch.

The price of an account depends on the number of followers you manage to gather in them, but for an account, with 10,000 followers, you can easily ask between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000.

But if you want to use this method, it is because you are already sure how to gain followers quickly and that it does not take you so long to do so.


Instagram is one of best sites which are used by lot of people. One can also use this site to make money.  So if you want to make money easily without doing lots of affords then Instagram is best way. You can use any of above method using which you can easily make money by using Instagram.


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