Top 10 best Online resume maker  app 2020

Currently, there are many tools to make a resume. One of them uses free resume templates, and another is to create our CV with mobile apps or applications that are available for both Android and iOS, which are free. In this opportunity, we will teach you how to use an application to make Android and iOS curriculum.

List of applications to make your resume on Android and iPhone

When you are going to do your resume, you are looking for comfort and speed. For that reason, more and more programs are being developed to make a free curriculum vitae in Spanish and other languages, programs to create a free PDF curriculum, to make templates or apps to make your CV From the phone.

What is promised is debt. After trying several applications to make your resume on Android and iOS for free, here is our selection of apps.

CV Manager App

It is a simple application available in the Google Play Store, which allows you to build your resume effectively. Before starting the CV, this application to make the Android curriculum makes a demonstration for you to learn how to use it and to show you the menus.

The application allows you to fill in the basic data that recruiters ask us in the selection processes, which are classified in: personal data, academic training, work experience, and other data of interest. It offers a classic resume model and is only available for Android devices.

CV Maker

Another of the applications to make the best-known curriculum in the market is CV Maker. In this application, you can create your resume quickly and very professionally. It is a free application, which has different templates, which we can also modify when the CV is being built. It allows us to import the curriculum to the LinkedIn social network, also to Facebook. Another point in favor of this application is that it is available in several languages.

APP curriculum

This application offers you the possibility to create your resume in a professional and freeway. Once you have created your CV, you can save it in PDF format. It also allows us to share the CV with other applications. Curriculum App is the application with the most downloads. I It also allows us to make the cover letter, which has a simple design. This application is available for both Android and iOS in this other link.

My Resume Builder App

My Resume Builder App allows us to design a resume in steps. It consists of 11 steps to generate the CV in which the app is asking us for data and then automatically form our cv. It is a complete application with many options and easy to use. We must take into account that it is developed in English and is only available for Android in this link.

iPhone iOS Application Curriculum

This application to make resumes is only available for the iPhone, and you can get it through this link. The good thing about this app is that it is very easy to use and is free. You just have to choose the CV format that best suits your profile, choose the colors, and modify the information of the chosen template by entering your data. Then, you can get it in PDF and send it by email to whoever you want.

Resume Builder

Through this application, you can make the CV in a matter of minutes as it offers you templates so that your CV can be edited directly from the app. It offers you the construction of your curriculum, whether you have experience or not. After choosing your template and filling in all the information you want to highlight, you can obtain your CV in PDF format so you can send it to companies online or print it to hand deliver.

It is available for Android devices from this link.

Curriculum Vitae European App

This application specializes in building a European curriculum vitae, which allows us to simply fill in the sections: personal information, requested employment, professional experience, academic training, complementary training, languages, personal skills, and additional information. It is characterized by being an application to make an Android curriculum completely and conveniently to use. This app offers eight templates for us to choose the desired curriculum model that suits our requirements and those of the employer.

Resume smart

Although by name we would not say that it is an application to create a curriculum vitae from your Android mobile, the truth is that when we were testing it, we were surprised at its ease of use and the result we obtained in each CV we created. It has a simple interface that allows you to create your CV in different languages, in addition to different formats and styles. It even allows you to modify the fonts and their size.

Resume Smart is an application to make a curriculum on Android, and you can find it in the Google Play Store.

Free Resume Builder

It is a free application that allows you to make your professional curriculum vitae and which you can get in PDF or Microsoft Word format. It allows you to order the different sections of our CV as we want, attach a photograph, put our skills graphically, and everything you need to have a good curriculum.  It is available for Android devices, and for iPhone, they have another somewhat different but equally effective version.

Do you buzz

While it is true that it is not an application to make a resume on Android or iPhone, you can access this web tool from your mobile, either Android or iPhone, and it helps you create a CV in different formats, such as PDF or format web, in just 5 minutes. Also, something that surprised us about this platform to make resumes is that it offers the possibility of importing the CV to Facebook and LinkedIn platforms directly at the click of a button.


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