Top 10 Free live tv app 2020

Top 10 Free live tv app 2020

It is clear that we cannot live without our mobile phone , since little by little and with new advances, it meets all the needs that we require: being in contact with family and friends, keeping accounts up to date, checking personal email or from work, download the best creator of funny videos , have your own photo gallery and share it with the world, read the news…

A quick search on Google Play gives us a lot of results about apps that serve to watch TV but after trying them, we can find applications that either do not serve or place too many ads. We have decided to keep nine that work , do not abuse advertising and offer good content both live and on demand. Clarify here that we wanted to list official applications , saving the last alternative, which is from a developer and has published his app under free code.


RTVE has spent many years investing in having good mobile applications and although it has cost them, the app they have right now to watch content on demand has everything we can expect from a public service television: you do not need to register to access the content, if we are under a WiFi network we can send content to a Chromecast , etc.

Vodafone TV

The official Vodafone TV application has a good number of channels and allows you to check the grill, in addition to having the option to send content from your mobile or tablet to television, and vice versa. Both DTT channels, such as La 1, Antena 3 or LaSexta, as movie and series channels are available, see AXN or FOX.

Obviously, you need to be a subscriber of the service to access, but if you are a Vodafone customer and you have contracted the package, it is an app that cannot be missing from your smartphone.

Atresmedia Player

Atresmedia Player is an application that encompasses all the content of this communication group. That is, Antena 3, La Sexta, Nova, mega, A3Series, Neox, Onda Cero and Europa FM . It offers us the possibility of both seeing what is being broadcast live and previous programs.

Mitele application

The other large media group in Spain has its own app to view its content. In this case it gives us access to everything that is issued by Mediaset. In other words: Telecinco, Cuatro, Factoría de Ficción, Boing, Divinity and BeMad . In this case we do not have the option to listen to radio stations.

The Mitele application is free and contains many advertisements but it does its job well. This time, yes, it does not have Chromecast support .

Orange teleco

The operators have taken advantage of their efforts to invest in television to bring the series and movies to mobiles as well . In the case of the orange teleco we have the possibility of seeing live channels and content on demand in any of them . It also includes Chromecast support if we want to see it on a larger screen where the Orange decoder is not connected.

We also have access to the Wuaki video club to access its content and also to rent movies or series. Obviously we will need to have a contracted connection to be able to use the service, otherwise the application will not help us, even if it is free.

Movistar +

Movistar + is the official app of the teleco so that all those who have access to the package of contents on TV can also see it from their mobile phones. To log in we will need to previously activate this function from the company website and after a while we will receive a password to enter.

The content is exactly the same as what we would have on TV: all the series, the same movies and it is synchronized with our favorite content so we can follow it and not have to look for it again. As a Movistar user I have to say that the app works well and although it is occasionally jerky, it is an application that any Movistar TV user should have installed.

Disney Channel

We close the list with an application for the little ones . Disney Channel is still very much alive and have long been present on mobile devices. Like other apps that we have seen in the list, we have the option of watching content on demand or seeing live what is currently being broadcast.

The interface is very visual and at a glance you can see what series are available . Of course, here we do not have all the episodes so we have to be attentive to what we are seeing so as not to see it twice and take advantage when the list is updated to see what is new.

DTT player

As a bonus, we are going to talk about TDT Channels, an application that is not found in the Play Store , but which is well worth downloading. It is a fairly updated DTT player , which is part of an open source project. The app is completely free, ad-free, and safe enough to watch TV over the phone.

To download it, all you have to do is access the Marc Villa GitHub and download the latest APK. After installing it on your device, you will be able to see all available channels , in addition to listening to the radio. The app, as we pointed out, is updated frequently, so that the sources of the channels are up to date, which facilitates a view without cuts.

Justin TV

We close the top 10 applications for watching TV for Android with a classic. Justin TV is a page that allows you to watch live television, which now also has an application.

In this application you can find almost any channel you want to search for. It is a fantastic option to watch TV from the mobile, although sometimes the transmission quality is not the best possible.

Poult TV

Poult TV is a great option if we want to watch free TV from anywhere in the world. Especially interesting is that the number of ads does not become annoying and is less than the rest of the Apps. Poult TV works quite well, the catalog is extensive and when loading the different channels it is fast.

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