top 10 best antivirus for android smartphones 2020

top 10 best antivirus for android smartphones 2020

If the invention of the digital device is a boon then, on the contrary, cybercrime is a curse. In the present era of modern computers, the safety and security of the device is a big threat. Very often malicious virus and worm attack the user computer. They get access to some confidential documents or permanently delete the data. In many cases, the virus can use the host computer to perform illegal activities.

By installing an efficient anti-virus, one can easily escape from becoming a victim. The fraud agents now have to face great difficulty to commit the crimes. The software protects the shared data from virus attacks and increases the speed of the computer. They block the computer virus. Many software even provide added advantages to the user.

Now one can say that buying an android device is as important as keeping a safe distance from  cyber theft. Some of the important anti-virus software are discussed below:-

360 Security:

It is a multi-purpose software that gives advantages to the user. Its vital function is anti-virus protection. But the device may get slow even if there is no virus detected. 360 security takes the entire responsibility for detecting and preventing any issue that affects the device. It cleans all the junk files thus clearing the RAM. It also protects important files and documents. Due to such a high degree of quality features, it occupies a leading position in the list.

2. Avira Antivirus Security:

In many cases, the host sends data to the guest which is not encrypted properly. Any outsider can scan the data and retrieve the hidden information. Avira is all set up to protect the device from this kind of attacks which is technically termed as “snooping”. Ransomware and malware protection are added advantages.

3. DFNDR Security:

For efficient use of bandwidth DFNDR will automatically close all the parallel running background apps. The fraud person will act as the identical official entity and ask the user all log-in details and credit card numbers. This software is specially designed to protect the user from “phishing”. It is a free anti-virus that comes as an in-built feature in the android devices. Like other apps, it also provides enough protection against Trojan and spyware attacks.

4. Avast Mobile Security:

Avast provides the facility to lock the insecure apps and remove unwanted advertisements. It is a handy app for persons who want to give up mobile addiction. This software these clear insights about how much time the user is spending on a single application in the last 24 hours. It secures the clicked photographs and removes all the junk files at a single tap. Acting as a safety guard, it protects the user from unsafe browsing.

5. Security Master:

It is a good selection that protects the phone from any malware intruder. Security master secures the message and acts also acts as a battery saver. It removes the residual files thus reducing the RAM load. Hence the CPU remains cool. It even boosts the phone for better performance.

6. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus:

Kaspersky indeed provides suitable protection against malware and Trojan intrusion. Apart from that, it provides a feature by which the user can easily track his device if it is lost. It gives quick scanning of the apps just at the point they are downloaded. It acts as a filtration unit for blocking the unwanted or spam calls. Phishing is also scanned at a great extent.

7. Sophos Mobile Security:

It has a security advisor feature. It gives constant updates about how to increase the safety of the device. It gives sufficient protection against malware attacks and spam calls. Additionally, it secures the android features by providing password lock mechanism. The wi-fi connection is also greatly secured. The software is in-built in the mobile device. Also, it does not project any advertisement during running.

8. AVG Antivirus:

AVG has a dual-engine feature that effectively removes malware and Trojan. It can extend the useful life of the battery by boosting the performance of the device. The power-saving mode and junk cleaning technology are quite impressive. It can also act as a privacy app that protects photos and documents by photo vault feature. One can easily backup the files with AVG security. It has the selfie feature by which it takes pictures of any unofficial person trying to get access. Hence it is regarded as an innovative feature which makes it an efficient choice.

9. Norton Security and Antivirus:

If any unofficial person is trying to get access to the user’s device, Norton has the special feature of clicking a picture of that person. It can trace and reject unwanted and spam calls. It provides safety during the browsing of unsafe websites. Moreover, it can even scan the unsecured connections when the wi-fi connection needed to be established in a remote location. These are the crucial cases when the cybersecurity of the user is at high risk.

10. Bitdefender Antivirus:

Installing the software and scanning any threat often drains the battery. And in the device may run slow. In such cases, Bitdefender is an ideal option. It is the most lightweight application ever launched. It can scan at a faster rate than other software. For tracking the blocked websites, it uses an integrated VPN technology before making a secured connection. It is designed to choose the most secure wi-fi connection available around. It regularly clears the spam folder so that enough storage space is retained in the device.

                                               All this software are mostly designed by the engineers so that the user can be given maximum security in terms of cyberspace. But is worthy to mention that the user himself/herself has to be alert. They should also have proper knowledge about the functions the software is designed for. For this reason, the article is written to make the generalized simply understand specialized terms. They can certainly take help from the experts. Awareness should be the main priority than prevention.



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