Top 10 best beauty filter app 2020

Top 10 beauty filter app 2020

Here is just for you chosen ten of the best apps of the moment to take selfies, for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Now you just have to take your mobile or tablet, install some of them and enjoy taking photos of yourself in any situation.

All taken a ‘selfie’ at one time. Surely there are more than two or three in your accounts on social networks, even if by accident. Celebrities take selfies everywhere, hanging them on their accounts, but many are aware that behind those perfect photos there is an application that has been retouched previously : perfect skin and absence of acne, golden beach brown, glowing eyes, a stylized body … Anything goes.


It must be said that these applications, with excessive use, could be creating a real and serious problem in our society. With the appearance of these applications, we could all understand that granites, certain facial shapes, shine … are imperfections. Many young people suffer from low self-esteem, thinking that they are not attractive enough because social networks do not give them ‘likes’ on their photos. They are? Of course not. Now, there are few who interpret it as such and continue editing their photos.

There are a number of applications for mobile devices that have made this possible, and we all appear worthy of a magazine cover in our photos on social networks.

The Chinese company Meitu , born in Xiamen in 2008, takes the gold medal from the world for personal photos and coveted social media selfies . Meitu is a company that seeks innovation in its applications, whether they are intended for photography or video. Meitu has accumulated, according to the company itself, some 360 million dollars in profit and almost a trillion followers worldwide. Furthermore, it is the undisputed number one in China


Beauty Camera

The application reigns in China, whose responsibility is Meitu. With this camera to take selfies you can have a glowing, smooth skin and you will appear perfect. Available for iPhone and Android, free.


The ‘western’ equivalent of the Beauty Camera. Meitu has developed this application that does basically the same thing as its predecessor. Pay attention to their filters: they are incredible.


Facetune is the bedside app for Kim Kardashian and her sisters. The key to this application is that you will use your hands and small touches that you can customize to your liking, instead of applying a general filter. This application will help you to be perfect, especially in matters of skin: you will be able to soften, equalize your skin tone, make pimples disappear and everything you can imagine. Not only that, but it will let you give a new ‘shape’ to your face (be careful not to overdo it or you will look like an alien) to make you more slim and slim. You can even apply a little ‘airbrush’ or blending to your hair. It is paid, but those who have it say that they would not exchange it for anything. Available on Android or iTunes.


Those who have a certain fear of taking selfies , do not fear anymore and start with a simple application like this. Specialist in brightening your skin, removing those horrible dark circles and unnecessary pimples, editing the photos in just two steps. It is free, and available for iTunes.


Visage Lab

Simple is better, or at least that’s what they say. With this application you can make a complete change with just a few clicks. You take the photo, and the application edits it afterwards, giving you a complete turn: apply makeup to your skin, eyes, whiten your teeth, eliminate shine and smooth your skin. And all in just a few seconds. Not suitable for those seeking naturalness, this application will leave you like a porcelain doll. Free on iTunes and Android, paid if you prefer the Visage Lab Pro version, with lots of new features. Edit your photos and you can even give them that touch of art they deserve.


Another of the free applications preferred by users. Designed by LoftLab, the novelty is that it lets you use your fingers to run them through the areas of your photo / face that you want to touch up, instead of making you a complete one. Eliminate pimples, shine, evens out the skin tone and even fixes your hair out of place. Of course, it is not suitable for those who do not look for a skin equal to a baby’s bottom. It gives the option of choosing two types of edition: glitter or blur, and both can be customized to suit the user.


If you are worried that you are too plump in your photos and you have not had time to do the bikini operation, this application may be your short-term solution. It is paid, but it promises that your waist will be thinner and you will appear with 5-10 kilos less. You have the option of being able to edit horizontal and vertical selfies . Also edit group photos.


This application is developed by one of the most famous image editors on the networks, which some call “the little brother of Photoshop”. Photography filters, image editing and the possibility of creating your own designs (Do you want a new cover photo for Facebook? Design with this application. It is free and available for devices on iTunes and Android. Of course, it includes a wide variety of tools that can be purchased for a fee.



The application of the applications does it ALL. This application lets you edit the photos and perfect your face, but also allows you to apply makeup (even pre-designed looks). After editing, you can share on social networks. The free version allows you to get a basic look, in addition to being able to try on makeup looks. If you want to try the full range of the app’s tools or edit group photos, you’ll have to pay. Available for devices on iTunes and the PlayStore.


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