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Whenever we sit on our computer chair, we assume our computer or laptop gives us an indefectible experience. After all, we give it our most precious asset, which is our time. We hope our computer can process with a speed of Laser Beams which travels at the speed of light, more than 670 million miles per hour, and make our daily tasks get done as quickly as possible in a blink of an eye!

 Due to the lockdown imposed, most of us are working from home. Ultimately, we are using our personal computers instead of office ones. So what does it reflect after all? There would be more applications installed and running than ever before! Afterward, we would need more space in the computer to continue performing effectively!

Now you are faced with two options to choose between if you want your computer to give you flawless performance; either to upgrade your RAM or smartly go for any top-notch RAM Cleaner Software. We already know your problem; it would be causing you great confusion. It would be making you panicked and indecisive about what to choose whether to go for a New RAM or choose a RAM cleaner software. In the end, it’s all your choice!

When choosing the best-of-the-best RAM cleaner software, it takes a lot of effort Physically and Mentally! Because you spend your money and put physical effort behind shopping, or as per current situations, you visit online shopping stores. You sit in front of the computer screen for an hour to make a great life decision and make an online purchase which will relieve all your tensions! However, we can get to know about more amazing tech products, from VPNJunkie website, which is considered as a hub for tech associated products, and applications.

We here promise to bring you the Top 10 Best RAM Cleaner Softwares as touched upon before.

The 10 Market Best Ram Cleaner Softwares

You will find a list covering the Top 10 Best RAM Cleaner Softwares, which are widely used within this industry!

Iolo System Mechanic

It is the finest RAM booster for Windows 10, with a blocker in advance for unwanted settings!

Among all the available auto RAM cleaners available in the current market, this is one of our top picks. It is not solely a RAM cleaner but a Comprehensive PC Care Package that takes its performance to the next level. Because of the multiple features it offers, it’s among the most popular utilities to enhance the PC’s speed, that’s why making it the first option on our list!

To give you the reason why to buy it, let’s look at some of the notable features:

  • Among the market best RAM optimizers, remove traces of your browsing habits and keep privacy intact.
  • It comes with an internet speed booster so that you can browse fast without any issues.
  • One of the foremost Windows 10 RAM cleaners can remove over 50 types of junk files.
  • Cleans every trace of junk from your computer ranging from unwanted apps to browser history and cache.
  • Hosts built-in blocker for bloatware and undesired auto-run settings.

For sure, it comes up with some pros. So now, let’s look at them and find what we are going to achieve after using this software:

  • It takes the PC’s speed a notch up.
  • Finds and fixes PC problems.
  • Boasts a lot of privacy tools

 IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

A downloadable software, Advanced SystemCare, developed by IObit, a software company, with 2005 as its initial release date!

It’s a RAM cleaner software for Windows with an AI feature, and it is a familiar name in the PC care domain. Its Advanced SystemCare is also among the premier RAM booster, cleaner, and optimizer, mainly for novice users. It comes with a multitude of features that are delightful to use.

Before going further, let’s look at some of the praiseworthy features:

  • With this software, you can find and remove large files quite easily.
  • It keeps the health of your frequently used programs in check by continuously updating them.
  • AI Mode is incorporated to smartly clean, speed up, and optimize the PC performance.
  • It is among those fast RAM cleaners that protect your privacy by clearing your activity traces and blocking access to your data.
  • Cleans junk and rectifies the hard drive errors.

Now, let’s head toward some of the excellent pros:

  • Uncluttered and customizable UI.
  • It comes with options such as ignore list and backup/restore.
  • Impressively improves computer performance.

Piriform CCleaner

The prominent Windows 10 RAM cleaner developed by Piriform, a software company!

It is among the longest-established system cleaners, first launched in 2004. Originally, it was developed for Microsoft Windows only, but in 2012, a macOS version also got released, enlarging its user base stretching from windows users to macOS users!

Now, who does not know about CCleaner? It is among the best free RAM cleaners of all time for laptops, PC, and phones. Not only millennials, but we also consider it as one of the perfect software to clean and optimize the device’s memory. It offers a wide catalog of features to help you speed up the PC.

Now, it’s time to look at the striking features provided by Piriform CCleaner

  • Scrapes away temporary files, browser cache, and undesired cookies.
  • Create ample space on the disk.
  • The paid version comes with advanced functionalities such as cleanup scheduling and real-time protection.

To be sure, there are some pros to using this software. To know what are these, join our journey:

  • This software hosts quite a lot of cleaning and optimization tools. 
  •  This RAM cleaner software creates an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.
  • Significantly boosts the speed of a sluggish PC.


Razer Cortex

If you are a heavy gamer, then it is the greatest RAM booster for your PC!

Razer Cortex is among the renowned names in the gaming domain. However, like its software for gamers, it also offers an equally amazing Windows 10 RAM cleaner to clean and tune up your PC. The Razer Cortex System Booster boasts many praiseworthy features such as a game defrag and more. Let’s discuss them below.

Phenomenal Features to Look for:

  • It optimizes disk caches, changes network settings, and disables unused Windows services.
  • It stops unnecessary background processes whenever you are playing any game.
  • You can set it to autostart whenever you launch a game.

Razer Cortex comes up with Mind-boggling benefits which are:

  • Easily customizable game quality settings.
  • Enhance a game booster option.



RAM cleaner software for Windows 10 that comes up with a malware remover is a supplementary addition!

Here we have another worth noticing RAM cleaner for Windows 10. It claims to be one software any PC user ever needed for the features like malware threat removal, detection of dangerous websites, and more. Below we talk about its feature set in detail.

Features of Restoro that you must be eyeing for:

  • This software detects and removes malware and fixes the damage caused by it. 
  • It replaces damaged or missing Windows files.
  • It detects and helps you select the problems with frequently crashing applications. 


Notable Pros to Look for:

  • Easy to use.
  • It is completely automatic software.
  • It fixes errors such as BSOD.
  • Repairs damaged, missing, or faulty DLLs.

Tenorshare Windows Care Genius

It is Windows 10 RAM cleaner and booster which accelerates the boot time!

It is one of the rightly named best laptop and PC RAM cleaners as it intelligently cleans every nook and corner of the RAM. It significantly reduces the boot time of even the old PCs, making it one of the most acclaimed RAM cleaners.

Commendable Features to Eye for:

  • With its password generator, you can generate strong and hard-to-guess passwords.
  • Encompasses a file shredder to make the deleted files irrecoverable. 
  • There is a Big Files Manager to manage and delete bulk files. 
  • Keeps your privacy intact by removing the activity traces from history, files, and disk.
  • It comes up with an in-built registry cleaner.


Admirable Pros to Eye for:

  • Speedy RAM cleaner and optimizer for Windows 10
  • Clean, straightforward, and easy-to-use interface.



Best RAM optimizer that prevents system crashes to have their effects by containing them on the spot!

This freeware is also among the best RAM boosters, optimizers, and cleaners. It effectively optimizes the memory and frees up RAM space. We recommend this software to all those users who face frequent PC crashes and memory leaks.

Astounding Features of RAMRush Software:

  • It comes with tools such as a disk defrag.
  • It keeps system crashes at bay that happen due to memory problems.
  • It lets you free up the space occupied by unneeded Windows applications.

Great Pros to Wait for:

  • It stops your PC from crashing due to memory issues. 
  • It improves the PC’s performance by a significant margin.



One of the most user-friendly RAM cleaners for Windows 10!

It is a free software program for Microsoft’s Windows operating system to analyze memory use and optimize system memory manually. Our next pick for the list of the best auto RAM cache cleaners for Windows 10 is MemPlus. It is among the easiest to use software for analyzing and optimizing RAM. Moreover, it is portable software, hence does not hog up the PC resource. Apart from this, below is what else makes it a worth-mentioning program. 

Exceptional Features of Memplus:

  • It monitors and shows you the complete details of RAM usage.
  • You can choose between clearing working sets and the file system cache.
  • Isn’t that surprising? Whenever a new version of this software becomes available, you get notified automatically.
  • It operates at the backend, and you can auto-start it with the PC.

Here are some outstanding benefits that you will urge to have by your side:

  • It shows the detailed RAM information. 
  • Friendly and easy-to-use UI. 
  • RAM information can be exported in TEXT, HTML, CSV, and Excel format, which is an added thing that you will enjoy when using your PC.


CleanMem Free/Pro

One of the greatest RAM boosters for PCs comes with a standby list!

This entrant on our list of the best RAM boosters and optimizers for PC gives you more control over the way to clean RAM. Here comes another best RAM booster and optimizer for PC. It gives you more control over the way to clean RAM. Apart from this, it has several features to delight the users. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Worth-Mentioning Features are:

  • It lets you avoid using the page file on the hard drive.
  • It makes Windows do all the cleaning, optimization and boosting by calling the Windows API.
  • It moves the recently used files to the standby list for better memory management and fast PC speed.

Worth-Mentioning Pros are:

  • The free version does not have any nag screens.
  • No popups are asking you to upgrade to the pro version.
  • Highly customizable free RAM cleaner for Windows 10.


Memory Cleaner

The finest RAM cleaner and booster for PC will provide a customizable menu bar that’s an awe-inspiring feature of it!

It is one of the best free RAM boosters for a PC to free up plenty of space with just a single click. With this software, you can clean the RAM by monitoring it and optimizing its use. Below are the features that induced us to include them on our list.

Impressive features of Memory Cleaner:

  • It reports the minimum, maximum, and average RAM usage. 
  • Make a list of the applications that have a considerable part of memory.
  • Enhances a customizable menu bar.

Now it turns to enjoy some Striking Benefits of Memory Cleaner:

  • Displays detailed information about the RAM usages.
  • You can optimize system memory automatically with one click.
  • It lets you access all its features from the tray icon.

Wrapping Up


And here is a great way to wrap up this article! This is a complete package of information sharing Top 10 RAM cleaner software that will improve your experience with your PC when installed. Besides, I tried my level best to come up with the best-of-the-best RAM cleaner software that will be worth time spending for you. If you like to share your early RAM cleaner experience with us, then you are welcomed to our platform with open hands. You need to share your feedback in the comments section! 


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