Top 10 professional data recovery tools 2020

Top 10 professional data recovery tools 2020

Has it happened to you that you are in a project and suddenly the power goes out, or you leave the application and, when asked if you want to save your work, did you click on no? If we add the amount of information and work we process every day, it is very easy to make a mistake or an oversight and delete our files unintentionally. After so many attempts to recover them, we begin to stress when we realize that we don’t know how to restore those records.

List of the best programs to recover all deleted files on your Windows computer

When we spontaneously delete the information, we must take into account the reason for this loss to find the best ways to solve it, since there are many applications for the recovery of important data. From what we have mentioned above, it is important to mention that the one we choose works properly.

It is very complicated to take all our important files in digital media because we run the risk that, for some reason, they are lost. In many cases, because we erase them by accident or by believing they were somewhere else. When we do not have a backup to go to for salvation, we can only go to tools that are capable of recovering the data. So this time we are going to indicate some that you could take into account.

This software is perhaps the most complete that exists. It has a free license developed by Piriform for the Windows operating system. It is ideal to use it when you want to recover files that, for one reason or another, were permanently deleted from your computer or memory or removable disk.

It does not matter if the system has marked the space as free. With this, you can restore what you want. You can perform a quick or deep scan and search the most hidden spaces for documents, photos, songs, and more.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

With this tool, you can restore everything you need and is no longer, such as deleted, formatted, or lost data from your laptops. This allows you to recover data in a very safe and efficient way.

Also, you can perform an analysis at the time of the restoration to ensure the validity of the file. You can recover photos, videos, music, and documents. It also offers a preview of all those recoverable for better effects.


This program is not very different from the previous one since it fulfills the same function of recovering data. The difference is that you reset them with their original date and time with those that were saved in case you want to store them in network drives.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

This free tool proposes the recovery of your documents, videos, photos, emails, and other deleted from local or removable drives. It will show a list with details of the file and indicating if it can be recovered or if it has been deleted forever.


Undelete 360

This is a free and paid tool compatible with different files such as FAT, NTFS, NTFS +, and EFS. It is capable of recovering files that have been compressed and even encrypted on the NTFS system, as well as those that have been voluntarily deleted or by some malware possessed by the computer.

You can restore them from the internal hard drive or removable disks. Its advantage lies in the search engine that it has, so it will make it easier for you to locate and find a document.


This is a 100% free software that recovers files from computers, smartphones, tablets, storage devices that have been permanently deleted and whose space has been marked as free by the operating system.

The application – available for Windows computers, for Android phones and tablets and in portable version – allows recovering the information of the folder or directory in which the file was deleted if it has not been rewritten.

As we see, we are facing one of the complete programs to recover deleted files that we can use without restoring limitations through the professional version.


Disk Drill is a program to recover deleted files for free up to 500 MB. This software, available for both Mac and Windows, scans internal and external devices compatible with FAT32, EXT, HFS +, and NTFS file systems. Also, it recognizes more than 350 types of files by performing a fast and in-depth scan.

Disk Drill, aware that prevention is better than cure, makes two prevention tools available to the user:

Guaranteed recovery creates a copy of each manipulated document to a previously selected folder.

It is a complete file recovery program that we can use without restoring limitations through the professional version.

UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

UndeleteMyFiles is a one of best professional recovery tool which help to recover files from hard drives, USB flash drives, CF and SD cards and other storage media.

The UndeleteMyFiles is a quick and easy method to discover and recover deleted files. It is easy to use tool that allows you to recover the files that used to reside on your system.


It is an easy to use file recovery program. It has a free version and a paid version. It can recover documents, folders, emails, images, audio, or video, both from the system and from external devices. You must select the type or types of content you want to restore and the location you want to scan for it.

Prosoft Data Rescue 5 for Windows

Prosoft Data Rescue 5 for Windows is hard disk recovery software that can recover your photos, videos, documents from: damaged or not installed hard disk drives. Hard disk accidentally reformatted or reinstalled operating system. Previous deletion, damaged or missing files. Prosoft Data Rescue 5 for Windows is an easy-to-use file and hard drive recovery software. It works when other computer recovery software has failed.

Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery tool allow us to recover those files that we have deleted by mistake and that are useful to us. This program is free and easy to use. It is a tool that hardly occupies space in the memory of your computer and that will be very useful on more than one occasion. The management of the program is very simple, we just have to choose the file to recover and give the search order, once found we will restore. It is fully compatible with all file systems.


So if you delete your files by mistake or because of any other reason, you can recover it using any of above tool. They all are easy to use and easily available online.

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