how to earn money by pubg trick 2022

how to earn money by pubg trick 2021

It’s no secret that in the game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS you can earn real money. If you already have this game or you are just thinking about buying it, then this article is for you.

As you know, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on Steam is not cheap, as much as 899 rubles. A little expensive, but the money spent can be recouped, and later earned. To do this, several ways are based on one simple principle – farm cases.

Everyone has probably heard about the free cases that drop out in the game itself, so let’s figure out how it works.

At the end of each battle, Battle Points (BP) are awarded to you. The better you played – the more BP the game will accrue to you. On average, players get from 50 to 200 BP, and the best players get from 1000 to 2000. Earned BP can be spent on buying cases inside the game.

Below is a different way to make money by Pubg 2020:

Getting and finding sponsors for the game –

This is the one of main source of income from the Pubg game. When you monetize your videos through Google’s absence, your viewers will see ads, and you will be paid for those ads.

Sounds easy, but has some limitations. YouTube introduced a new rule in February 2018. For monetization, the channel requires 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. But don’t worry, it’s not a big deal for live streaming channels. If you stream lives 2 hours a day consistently and have 10 people together, you will have 1200 minutes of viewing time every day. Within a few months, you can complete 4000 hours of viewing time and 1000 subscribers.

Once you monetize your channel, viewers can send money directly from Superchat. Few people donate money if you find your gameplay useful. After attracting people to the live stream, the brand provides live stream sponsorship. You need to mention the brand for a few seconds, and the brand pays you for it.

Make money playing PUBG with affiliate links–

You also make money with online product links belonging to your description. When someone buys a product from your link, you will get a few percents from the seller. Another answer to the question about how to make money with PUBG. Professional gamers often use advanced or fashionable gadgets for a purer experience when playing games.

Followers may ask questions about the devices or accessories used to play PUBG Mobile. You can easily get access to some of the highest quality items, so you can get a great deal of passive income through affiliate marketing.

Play online tournaments

You can win prizes by participating in PUBG Mobile official tournaments. Earn frames to improve your channel. If you like and understand the game, but you are not a good player, or if you are right but need another source of income, you can bet at any time. Whether you’re with friends or betting on professional tournaments, you can definitely make money this way.

Websites like Sickodds turn strategic knowledge into real money when you have the right opportunity. You can also put the PUBG mobile tournament on hold as per your schedule. You can charge a small amount and keep the price lower than the money collected; the extra money will be your income.

To hold a tournament, a room card is required. However, you can get it by playing games or archiving points. Paid tournaments may also be characteristic, permitting you to sign up for a team and be paid cash from chicken dinner.

Give Coaching to inexperienced players

Coaching inexperienced players is also one another way to make money from pub 2020. A simple method to make cash is to teach other beginner Pubg players who have never renowned the “winner chicken dinner” aspect. As an expert PUBG player, people can employ you or make you part of a tribe to get better coaching during the game. It seems that the web is full of sites where you can employ coaches to get better your gaming experience.

Stream or upload content on Twitch or YouTube

According to the latest survey, PUBG is at present one of the most played fighting games. It is among the most seen game on YouTube and Twitch. Then why not become a PUBG streamer or YouTuber using this sign?

If you have previously played the game, you can just download the OBS for streaming and begin building your channel. You can also evidence games and edit them into fun gameplay videos, tutorials, or other PUBG content.

It can not make cash in one night, but the world’s mainstreamers make millions. If you are eager to spend time and attempt on the project, this can not only put aside you a lot of time but also bring a lot of fun.

Sell PUBG items with cash

gather battle points and buy crate is another method to make cash with fighting game PUBG. They can put up for sale and swap them to cash. That is why a lot of players keep track of valuable items with new boxes and bring together and sell them at a reasonable price.

You can also sell items in the Steam Market and earn Steam Credits. In addition, they can be sold on websites that include OPSkins, where you can get the best PUBG skins and cosmetics.

Sell your game account

You can also make money from Pubg game by selling your game account. A site like  PlayerAuctions and G2G will give you cash if you sell your Pubg account. But with this option, you can earn money only one time.  It is a drawback of this option.


I think you have gained enough knowledge about how to make money with PUBG 2020. Choose some confident methods, develop some strategies, implement them, and expect the best results. Hence this fighting game is one of the best ways to earn money.

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