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Hacking and hacking operating system:

Hacking is quite a complex task. It requires a lot of different tools, techniques and expertise. Among those tools, the most basic hacking tool that hackers directed is the hacking operating system. These operating systems are best and specialized for hacking. They are equipped with different and numerous ethical hacking tools and a lot of tools to test the penetration. Hacking is the part of computing for more than five decades. Hackers are highly skilled people who use different bugs to break or exploit any network or computer system. Whenever we hear the word hacking, a negative image and thought pop up in our minds. But hacking is not always bad or wrong. There is positive and legal hacking too. This lawful hacking is known as ethical hacking. Every hacking, either legal or illegal, needs a hacking operating system.

Hacking And Hacking Operating System
Hacking And Hacking Operating System

Top 10 best hacking operating system:

Here are the top 10 operating system for hacking which has the best tools and operations. 

Top 10 Best Hacking Operating System
Top 10 Best Hacking Operating System

Kali Linux:

Among the hacking operating system list, Kali Linux is one of the best hacking operating systems. Earlier it was known as BackTrack Linux. It is a Debian based Linux. Kali Linux has hundreds of tool that are beneficial in multiple tasks regarding information security. These tasks may include penetration testing, forensic of a computer system, research for safety and many other jobs. It would be not wrong if we call Kali Linux a multi-purpose solution platform. It is freely available for all and can be easily accessed. The features of Kali Linux includes that it has more than 600 tools for penetration. It is cohered Filesystem Hierarchy team, which help them in allocating files, libraries, binaries and other support files. It also has the ability to support both 32 and 64-bit images.


The hacking operating system BackBox, which is also known as BackBox Linux, is based in Ubuntu. BackBox operating system is oriented with penetration testing and assessment of security. It is accomplished with expert analysis and security tools. It is the first hacking operating system that supports clouds in penetration testing. It saves the time of the hackers or IT specialist from checking every network individually by benefiting you to check all networks at once. It is a hacker-friendly operating system. BackBox is a completely automated operating system.

Parrot security operating system:

Parrot security operating system is the combination of Kali Linux and Frozenbox operating system, which gives ethical hackers the best real-world experience of penetration testing and security testing. It has tools that support LUKS, VeraCrypt, Truecrypt and is also equipped with anti-forensic tools. This hacking operating system is free and in the access of all. It is an open-source platform where you can easily get access to its source code and alter it according to your requirements. Another best part of the parrot operating system is that it is an extremely light weighted operating system.

DEFT Linux:

Digital Evidence and Forensic Toolkit (DEFT) Linux is said to be one of the best hacking operating systems which is empowered with highly-rated tools. The base of the DEFT Linux hacking operating system is Digital Advanced Response Toolkit (DART) and GNU Linux. It has over a hundred tools for hacking and forensic. It can provide complete support to the iOs7, Androids and Bitlocker disk. It is incorporated with Digital Forensic Framework 1.3.

Samurai Web Testing Framework: 

Another hacking operating system is the Samurai web testing framework. The main and basic function is to test the security of the application, mainly web application. It has numerous popular different testing tools. It also has various tools for exploitation, mapping, discovery and surveillance. The SVN of the samurai web testing framework helps it to get updated and the latest devices. This operating system is also open source and can be accessed by all ethical hackers. Its framework is rooted in Ubuntu 9.40.

Network security toolkit:

The network security toolkit is an operating system for professionals, ethical hackers and network administrators. It is centred upon Fedora 32. It is open-source, providing access to all. It is equipped with high-rated tools that are perfect for the analysis of network security. The different features of the network security toolkit include; it has a built-in library that helps in developing Web pages, it has monitors with active connections, ARP scanners for network segment and other different features that facilitate ethical hackers and make their work easier.

Black Arch Linux:

Blackarch Linux is known for its best penetration testing distro. It has more than 1600 tools, and it also keeps on updating its tools day by day. It also allows its user to create a workstation of their wish. Blackarch Linux provides freedom to its user. The best feature of Blackarch Linux is its frequent updates. After the Kali Linux, Blackarch is the strong choice of ethical hackers. It can easily install on machines of both 32 as well as 64 bits.

Fedora security lab:

Fedora security lab is a hacking operating system that enables its users to fulfil the tasks like hacking, forensics and security auditing. The tools of Fedora security labs are Medusa, Yersinia, Wireshark and more. Security testing and pen testing become easier with fedora. It enables its user to install software at the same time when you are running it.


The next hacking operating system is CAINE which is also based on Ubuntu. It integrates as a module in your existing tools of the software. It is also another open-source operating system. When it is on read-only mode, all the other devices, the user of CAINE can also customize its features. It is a user-friendly operating system.


Bugtraq is a highly rated tool equipped hacking operating system. It has a wide range of pen-testing tools for different types of testing. These tests include mobile forensic, malware and other various testings. It enables ethical hackers to monitor the whole system in real-time. It is easily on 32bits as well as 64 bits.

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