how to format pendrive using cmd 2022 [ step by step ]

how to format pendrive using cmd


This is the word of data and data transfer. Importance of data as increasing, need to data security is also increasing. We had seen many law suits against big tech giants and websites like Google Facebook for collecting data. 

We can consider it the data in online its not secure. There is no privacy online, anyone can access to the data. The best way to secure your data is storing it offline. Storage device of different types are available over internet like SSD and HDD. These storages devices can be install in your computer and you will be able to store data but if you want portability then these are not for you. For portability, you need to use pendrive and compact disk, Now CD are almost gone from the market the most easy and fast mean to data portability is become pen drive. If you are a reddit user then you can read  List of Funniest Usernames Reddit 

USB devices provides you feature to transfer data from one network system to other and not you can access pendrive data from mobile also using OTG cable. USB device need to format if you want to delete stored data from the device.

If you want to create bootable pendrive to install windows in computer, you want to give you pendrive to other and don’t wish that other person do recovery of files then you need to format pendrive. Windows offers you one click method to format pendrive but if you don’t want to go with traditional method then there are other methods available as will.

Today, in this post, we are going to learn how to formal pendrive with command prompt. Prior to get into the tutorial of  Format USB Flash Drive from Command Prompt here are some point to not before proceeding with the tutorial.

Prior to format USB Flash Drive using command prompt

  • Formatting pendrive using CMD will permanently delete all stored data. So if you are not sure with the data, it is recommend to take backup.
  • Recovery software might not be able to recover lost data.
  • Misconfigure in the steps can damage your flash drive so follow all steps completely  


Method 1: How to Format Pendrive with Command Prompt 

In this method, we are going to learn format pendrive using CMD with format command. So follow the steps without skipping.

  • Step 1) Firslty you need to Insert Pendrive in the computer / laptop which you want to format and and check the path of the flash drive (E.g – E/F
  • Step 2) Now click on start button and seach form command prompt. Now right click on it and click on open  Run as Administrator to open command prompt in Admin mode. (Note- It is important to open CMD in admin mode)
  • Step 3) Now a blank screen will open in which you need to Type below  command and press Enter button (Drive path  is F)
    format F: 

format pendrive using cmd

  • Step 4) Now again hit Enter as ready appears on the screen.

You are done, wait for couple of seconds for the completing of format pendrive task. We have other method as well if you want to know more methods of pendrive formatting.

Method 2: How to Format Pendrive with Command Prompt

Using CMD, you can even you second method that is diskpart command. There are various other uses of diskpart command i.e. you can use it for creating new partition of drive.

  • Step 1) Again you need to Open  command prommt in Admin mode and for that you need to search in start option and click on Run as Administrator after right-click on it.
  • Step 2) In CMD, Type diskpart in and hit Enter 

format pendrive using cmd step 2

  • Step 3) Now type listdisk and hit Enter button.

format pendrive using cmd step 3

  • Step 4)  select disk part1 and press Enter button.

format pendrive using cmd step 4

  • Step 5) Type clean and press Enter to jump on the next step.
  • Step 6) Now type create partition primary and press Enter button.

format pendrive using cmd step 6

  • Step 7) Type Active and press Enter button.
  • Step 8) Now type format fs=ntfs label”abc” quick and press Enter button.
format pendrive using cmd step 8
format pendrive using cmd step 8
  • Step 9) Now type assign and press Enter button.
format pendrive using cmd step 9
format pendrive using cmd step 9

In this way, you can use diskpart option to format usb drive using CMD. 

Wrapping Up 

These were the methods using which you can format pendrive using command prompt. If you have any confusion or are stucked at any place then feel free to use comment section, we will help you to fix that. 

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