Criteria Which Makes Food Aphrodisiacs

What makes certain foods aphrodisiacs?
There are certain foods that can be put into the category of aphrodisiacs. These foods may be different from one individual to another. The problem is that the meaning of aphrodisiacs cannot be applied to them. What can put a man in a mood may be different from other men.
So there are foods that are nice and appealing to look at and at the same time are delicious to eat. These foods or fruits cannot be resisted by anyone and they do not need any hunger to get consumed. Based on the scientific studies, we can categorize certain foods by their ability to increase blood flow in the body. By pushing blood flow towards the male organ, food helps a male overcome erection difficulties. The increased blood flow also enlarges the male organ, which may hasten the feeling of intimacy in males. Based on these facts, let us look at some foods that can be called aphrodisiacs.

Criteria which makes food aphrodisiacs

Increases blood flow

To a great extent, it depends on individual taste and preference, but there are some limits. For example, you may not want to eat deep fried or fried or fatty food items on date. Your natural preference will be smoothies based on fruit, milk or strawberry.
The scientific side says certain foods increase blood circulation by widening our blood vessels. Strawberry, watermelon juice, pomegranate juice, and berries come in that category. These products stimulate nitric oxide in blood vessels, which relaxes and widens the blood vessels. Those who feel erection issues due to less blood flow can overcome erection difficulties with these fruits. So, for them any food that pushes blood flow into the pelvic area is an aphrodisiac.

Stimulating mind

Mind is also an organ that plays an important part in the erection process. It is the origin of the thought that triggers the idea of an intimacy. It sends neurotransmitters that stimulate the central nervous system to release blood flow. Without blood flow towards the pelvic area, there can be no erection in males. So any food that triggers the thought of intimacy or enhances the ambience to an intimate moment is an aphrodisiac’s food. It has been proved that without involvement of mind, the erection process cannot start.
Avocado is considered one such product. Not only it has the appearance and texture but also high levels of folic acid for energy and vitamin B6 to increase testosterone. Again, the banana shake can be a highly energetic drink for some males. Bananas also contain bromelain, an enzyme which increases drive in males. In addition to this, a banana has potassium, vitamin B12 for energy for highly intensive sessions.

Increasing enjoyment of the moment

Chocolate can be one such product which enhances the joy of the moment. Not only do these dark chocolates trigger the thought in mind, but also release a stimulant that hastens excitement and feels good hormones. Just make sure that your dark chocolate has at least 75% cacao.


Fragrance also plays an important role in creating ambience that leads to an intimate session. Fragrance appeals to the mind and triggers the nerves that take part in the erection process. For some the fragrance of coffee or dark chocolate or red wine is enough to get you in the mood. Some essential oils and fragrance are suggested to males to relax and reduce anxiety levels. Fragrance curbs depressed mood and creates mental relaxation.

Light and energetic

The food which is light and gives an instant energy easily comes being called aphrodisiacs. A banana smoothies, strawberry smoothie, and mixed fruit smoothie with watermelon or red wine will easily help you get in a mood instantly. The joy gets enhanced when both of you enjoy the same food and enjoy every bit as much as you enjoy looking into each other’s eyes.

Certainly there are foods and fruits which are aphrodisiac. Also it would help you to know that the same fruit or food may not be an exciter for you. But taste several foods and come to your own conclusion which food or fruit enhances your mood and lifts the erection process.

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