The Best Video Editing Software Of 2022 To Add In Your List

Best Video Editing Software Of 2021

Best Video Editing Software Of 2021
Best Video Editing Software Of 2021


In recent times, the mode of communication has undergone a complete makeover. Most people prefer the visual mode of communication that translates the ideas into a short movie version that leaves a long term impact and communicates the idea effectively. However, with the incoming trend, there is a lot of noise in the digital space where your content can be easily lost. The only way to make a long-lasting impact is to come up with the most captivating storyline compiled with top-notch software and excellent skills which can beat all the competitors out there.

With the unending list of option out there, making the right decision is a hard choice. 

Stop! Do not panic.

We are here to rescue you. With all the homework done, we assure you that you can find the right fit for yourself. One mobile app that does the job, fits in the budget, makes no compromise on quality and delivers you the best. 

So, let’s get started on the journey to explore the 10 best video editing softwares in the market today


Adobe Premiere Pro

Undoubtedly, Adobe Premiere Pro makes it to the top of the list as it is the go-to editing software for most editors. It has emerged as the best in class across widespread industries ranging from Hollywood to Youtube. It is surprising to know that it has an infinite variety of options to explore as you learn and challenges your limitations through the unmeasurable expertise of this software. Its powerful capabilities extend its compatibility to both Windows and Mac giving it a competitive edge against others. Premiere Pro integrates seamlessly with other Adobe software such as Photoshop, After Effects. This makes it handy for the user and gives them a professional platform to work. The latest version supports 4K, 8K, VR video formats along with the multi-angle shots that increase the project reach. An advanced list of graphics, music, colour and editing tools combined with speed-enhancing technology allows you to put your best foot forward. This creative suite is available for free 30 days trial post which the subscription costs $239.88 per year. It is the best investment to kickstart your business today.



It is a brilliant option that is available for free on Windows, Linux and Mac. It is known as one of the most powerful video editing software which houses a tonne of useful features to make the job very efficient. It is capable of editing up to 256 raw video & audio clips along with motionless frames. It’s simple and intuitive interface added with a handy guide of detailed video tutorials making it very beginner-friendly. It is easy for beginners to follow the instructions and acquaint themselves with the platform while learning to use the software. The free version has more than enough features to give any video a polished look, however, you can opt for the pro version which costs $25 a month in case you want more. 



This is another free, open-source video editing software that has cross-platform compatibility. It originated as a 3D animation tool accompanied by an equally functional editing app that covers user’s requisites. It has a host of advanced features including video masking, character-building animation tools making it one of its kind in the market. Due to its flexible setting, it has a huge community of users including both beginners and experienced ones. It has an accurate level of customization available to cater to individual needs which can level up your projects. So, give some extra time and effort to master this unique tool.


Nero Video

It is a very attractive deal for the majority of the population. The main USP is the availability of high-grade tricks, impressive audio tools and effects at a very affordable price. It costs around $50 coupled with a 15 days trial version. The minimality and simplified interface provide a better familiarity to grasp. It is the most appropriate option for beginners who want to learn and build their way up. 



“You can do wonders with Camtasia”, which’s what most users say about this video editing software. It has a unique screen recording feature that makes it infamous among users. The simplicity of use makes it easy to play around with large videos and deliver a satisfactory end product in a short timeline. It has been updated from time to time to improvise every minute aspect. The addition of advanced tools such as transition effects, drag and drop animation options as well as the option to add interactive video features such as quizzes enhance the experience on the platform. This straightforward tool available at $249.99, is the means to turn your vision into reality just with a few clicks. Additionally, it integrates easily with Powerpoint that simplifies presentation-making and makes the process a lot more fun. It is the ideal choice for the online course creators – easy, handy and cool.


DaVinci Resolve 

This video editing tool comes to the rescue when dealing with advanced projects. Its features include 8K video editing, colour correction, audio mastering and a lot more available in a single platform at an unbeatable price. Unlike any other software, you can easily integrate 2D and 3D titles into your video setting it apart from others. And you will be surprised to know that editing is available both in an online and offline format resolving most issues. This intelligent software does your part of the work, giving you the extra time to polish minute details. The free version of the all-in-one software should be your go-to choice to level up the editing game. 


Wondershare Filmora

The award for the most multifaceted video editing software is won by Filmora. The easy to use interface and short learning curves make it the best option for beginners. The ‘ Easy Mode’ is specially designed for newcomers who can create creative, high-quality edits by using the drag and drop key. Wondershare has 2 more versions Filmora Go (for mobile users) and Filmora Scrn ( for screen recording) that make the whole process smooth and hassle-free. With time you can refine your skills and take your editing a notch higher with the advanced tools. There a store of visual & sound effects, royalty-free music which you can directly use to save time. It is available in two versions – the free version and the paid version which costs $69.99 for a lifetime payment. However, there is no such significant difference in both of them, except that the premium version additionally produces watermark-free videos. 



It is mainly targeting creating attractive, polished videos for social media platforms. It is available both on iOS and Android for marketers and advertisers looking out to create killer online content that drives their purpose. Do not worry if you aren’t a tech pro. With its intuitive UX and automated features, Promo has got you sorted. The separate web and mobile version allow you to work at your pace and comfort. You just have to choose from a wide variety of options and keep reviewing the changes in real-time and within a matter of minutes, your video is ready to hit the internet.To help with the promotional videos, there are specialized templates that make the task 10X times easier. The basic plan is available at $49 per month and an additional charge of $50 gives you access to the premium version, which comes with a long list of perks. 


Apple iMovie

This classic Apple editor comes pre-installed in Mac OS and unfortunately isn’t compatible with other PCs and devices. It gets a solid score of 10 for its intuitive, drag and drop user interface. Most Mac users start their editing journey right from here, brush their basics to proceed into the professional sphere. The major advantage is in terms of storage. The edited videos are automatically saved in Apple’s cloud which can be accessed from any Apple device. The constant updates make it more competent to work in. Green screen is the most highly spoken about feature,  which allows you to place your characters in a diverse location in just a click. Certainly fascinating! It is one of the few which have a huge user base despite the newest additions. 



This open-source editing software has the most basic editing features such as timing and slicing which is more than enough to carry out changes for short- form videos. It is an ideal option for small businesses who have just started out and have minimal requirements. It is supported across multiple user devies which is huge positive remark for the software. Despite being a free platform, it has unlimited access to templates and video tracks & effects that bring a phenomenal output. For the audio section, waveforms make the task easier. Just like the other mentioned platforms. regular updates improve the quality of the platform. 


Now that you have the entire list with you, compare the advantages and disadvantages to make the right pick. This is your way to enhancing your brand value and climbing to the next higher level in the fast-growing digital world. 


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