best professional video editing software for pc 2020

best professional video editing software for pc

Here are compiled the best programs to make and edit videos for free in Windows in 2020. In the market, there are multiple video editors and applications to make free videos for Windows. The most sought after are those free video editors that mix basic functions to make videos with photos and music and advanced tools to add more sophisticated effects such as green screen, picture-and-picture, color correction, among others. Here you have the complete list of programs to edit videos and a list of free applications to make videos with photos and music on your cell phone that will help you make faster edits.

1. Windows Movie Maker – the free Windows video editor

Windows Movie Maker programs to edit free videos in any language that is incorporated into Windows. It allows you to create movies with photos and videos without any complications. You can add transitions, music, sounds, subtitles, and other basic effects to make home movies.
Windows Movie Maker is recommended for those who are starting to create videos. It is normally used to make presentations with photos and music. If you have a little more experienced, you might find the short program in graphic resources quickly. In that case, it is recommended you to explore the alternative to Windows Movie Maker
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Note: Do you have Movie Maker installed on your computer? Then type in the search box: Movie Maker. Review the list of results and click on the video editing program.

2. VirtualDub – video editor to process a large number of files

VirtualDub is a free program for editing videos for Windows that has the following characteristics: compression capability, video division, and the possibility of adding video tracks. It also has batch processing capacity, which allows the manipulation of a large number of files. The program can also be improved and extend its functionality through the use of third-party video filters.
Its weak point is that the interface is not modern, and many times it is not compatible with some modern video formats such as mp4.

3. Pinnacle Studio

Even if it’s the first time you face a video edition, you won’t have problems. Cut, drag, and drop in a comfortable way and take advantage of the huge variety of titles, effects, and templates available, without sacrificing a professional finish. It is another free alternative to edit your projects with many features and compatible with most video formats.

4. Avidemux – for simple video editing tasks

Avidemux is one of the best programs to create the free video. It is free and cross-platform software, so you can use it in Windows as well as in GNU / Linux, macOS, and PC-BSD. Designed for simple video editing tasks, such as cutting, filtering, adding audio tracks to your videos, etc.

5. VideoPad – one of the fastest video stream processors

It is one of the programs to create videos for free and more popular. The video editor is easy to learn to use, and you can create videos in just minutes. It is known as one of the fastest video stream processors in the market. It has more than 50 visual effects, transitions, and speed adjustments, among other functions. It also captures videos from DV camera, VHS, webcam, or imports most video file formats such as avi, wmv, 3gp, wmv, and dirvx. In addition, you can burn DVD movies and export created videos to social networks such as YouTube.

6. iMovie

This Apple program that comes installed by default on all Macs allows you to make a quality video editing using the basic controls for cutting, transitions, titles, color effects, etc. in a trouble-free and mechanical method.
In spite of liking many users, iMovie also has its weaknesses: It does not use all the computer processors by default and does not work correctly with polygons with more than four sides.

7. Avid Media Composer

Although for the domestic user, it is not as popular as the previous two in the professional post-production studies of film and television. It is very common for its dynamic workflow with projects in the highest resolutions, background video transcoding, processing audio, and hundreds of possibilities in terms of effects and media management.
The Avid Media Composer is the default video editing program for Windows, in which you can make your own presentations with photos or videos, cut black parts or add music easily.

8. Final Cut Pro

This Apple program has become one of the market references for professional video editing, being one of the most powerful and with more features. Still, it does not stop offering a simple and intuitive interface. Organize the contents in a very visual way and get all your creativity.

9. Cinefx Jahshaka – an effects engine

Jahshaka, the video editor formerly known as CineFX, aims to be a program to create videos, with a large number of effects and composition that works on various platforms such as Mac, Linux, and Windows. It is similar to Adobe After Effects, although it has been a long time between version 2.0 and the long-awaited version 3.0, which has questioned the future of the project.
Clearly, there is still a lot of work to do to have a version of the program that makes editing videos easier. However, it is exciting to see several truly open-source platforms working together in a market dominated by Adobe.

10. Corel VideoStudio

One more option to consider among advanced programs, with a large number of effects and functionalities. Recently he has added the option to capture the computer screen on video, ideal for tutorials.
This powerful software has an aesthetic following the Corel line that is somewhat different from others, such as Premiere or Final Cut. However, the interface allows you to fully customize all the modules around the timeline. It also has a version called Movie Studio for not-so-advanced users.

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