best of high compressed pc games under 500mb


In the global, there have a number of people who are crazy behind the game and we know how much you like playing games. Playing game is one of the best medicine for your mental health and through the game, you can be always active and positive. Sometimes you want to find the best game for PC but you don’t have adequate space for those game. We know size is the real problem for every gamer. That’s why most gamers believe in the highly compressed game.
These are the games that have been compressed to extremely short size and you can easily download them on your PC. In today’s time, there have a number of highly compressed pc games that are available in the market. Through our website, you can enjoy all kind of game. The best thing about our website is to provide you great and popular high compressed PC games under 500 MB.
Yes, here we give you a great list of highly compressed pc games under 500mb which are very amazing and interesting. These games are not only small-sized but they are also fun to play. Here we try to put the best games for you.

Drift force

Drift force is one of the popular racing game out there and you won’t find out any other better game than this one. In this game, you can only focus on speed. To stay in the game you have to need perfect driving skills.
This is one of the best game because here you can learn driving in the best way. There are a number of ways in which you can race, and it is a very unique game because all ways are unique. If you’re crazy behind the racing game then trust me this game is best for you. After playing this cool racing game you forget your all trouble or stress and having a good time racing.
The game is accessible in download size of 443 MB and it has impressive graphics and smooth controls, so overall you are gonna enjoy this game.

War wind 2: human onslaught

War Wind 2: human onslaught is the second-best game on our list. If you are in a mood to play something different then War Wind 2 might be your best choice. This is a real-time strategy and amazing game. In this game, everything is involved from scientists to military and you will have to figure a way out to make your way in the game by coming up with strategies.
This game has two modes: single-player and multiplayer modes so that you can either team up with your friends or vie against them. In this game, there’ve lots of features which attract you. Its graphics also impress you. The size of this game is 420 MB. This game will definitely impress you on top of that you might enjoy the unique strategy of it’s!

Spider: path of vengeance

Spiner is one of the popular tactical shooter game. If you’re looking for the best shooting game then this game is perfect for you. The size of this game is 470 MB and it’s the best highly compressed game under 500 MB. This game is all about shooting skills. If you want to win this game then you have to kill your enemy and you can solve your all missions which are very difficult. This game graphics are very interesting and amazing that attract you. Download this game and take have fun within a cool way.

Gone home

Gone home is very unique and perfect game. If you want some drama and adventure then this game is specially designed for you. It’s a horror and detective genre game where you need to have some detective skills to find out what’s really happening.
In this game, you will be playing the character of a woman who has returned to her old home after so long just to find out an empty home. There are lots of unanswered question and she is gonna find out every answer to her questions through clues that have been hidden along with the game.
This game is available in download size of 490 MB. It’s surely a pretty great game to play. So download this highly compressed PC game below 500 MB and have fun solving mysteries! During playing this game you reach a great level. This game is completely full of horror and adventure. I hope this game provide you great fun and enjoyment.

Spiderman 2000

We know that spiderman is the popular and lovable character. If you’re a real fan of spiderman and you’re crazy behind his, then spiderman 2000 is the best choice for you. Spiderman 2000 is the game where you become a superhero as you want. The best part about this game is it has various missions and a free world environment that you can analyze. Solve the crimes and grab the evils and protect your city against all kinds of dangers. This is an adventure game and the features of this game are very different from other adventure games. Download this game only for 460 MB!

Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear

Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear is the second-best shooting game on our list. If you’re in a mood to play a shooter game but can’t find the best ane perfect game which you can be downloaded in your PC, then the Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear would be a perfect game for you.
In this game, you can play the role of a high profile agent who works in a top agency. It includes lots of guns and shooting. The game is available in 440 MB so you will definitely like it!

Half life 2

Half life 2 is a old game but it’s a very amazing game out of its time. This game has amazing features which are very different from other games because it include action, adventure, shooting and many more features. Believe me, the storyline of this game is great and It’s graphics are also great. Download this game in size 436 MB.

WW3 Smackdown

Ww3 is one of the best boxing game. If you’re looking for the best boxing PC game then this compressed game is perfect for you. This game has two mode: single-player mode and multiplayer mode. People get attracte it for its gameplay and storyline. Download this game in size 477 MB.

Zombie Hobby VR

Zombie Hobby VR is the best highly compressed pc games under 500MB. This is the another best horror and adventure game. In this game the weapons and elements are great and you can download this game in 402 MB.

Soldier Elite

Soldier Elite is the last game in our list and this game is also popular game. This game is amazing game because of great features and gameplay. This game available in size 435 MB. So, download this game and have fun.


So, these list are best because in this list we put best high compressed PC games for you. Through this game, you take fun and enjoyment. If you love this games and you know other game under 500 MB then please comment on the comments section and like it.

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