Best 10 app for Earn money online 2020

Best 10 app for Earn money online

Oddly enough, apps to make money really exist. Although these apps are not useful to make a person a millionaire, they can help you have an income that helps you pay off your monthly debts. Everybody can download one or many of these applications to make money from their own Smartphone.

Money App (available for iOS and Android)

Money App - Best 10 App For Earn Money Online
Money App

Money App is a market research application that gives you rewards for completing tasks, including offering opinions, playing games, checking in-store displays, trying products and services for free, among others.

You just have to create an account and start completing the tasks to accumulate rewards that you can then redeem for cash with a PayPal account. One of the attractions of this app is that you can receive the payment within two or three business days after redeeming the rewards.Unusual in this type of applications that usually pay once a month or do not offer cash rewards.

Foap (available for iOS and Android)

Foap - Best 10 App For Earn Money Online

Foap is an application that allows professional and amateur photographers to earn extra money by selling photos taken on a Smartphone. It is a crowdsourcing platform (open collaboration tasks) for brands and advertising and marketing agencies.

Register, upload your high quality and clearly labelled photos, these will be rated by the application community: the higher the rating, the higher the visibility of the photo. For each sale, you earn from $ 5 to $ 100.

Slidejoy (available for Google Play)

Slidejoy - Best 10 App For Earn Money Online

Slidejoy pays users for their lock screens. Once it’s installed on your phone, you’ll start to see various ads with news or advertisers on your lock screen. You can swipe left for more info, swipe up for extra ads, or swipe right to access the home screen.

It should be noted that the income generated with this application is also passive, regardless of whether you interact with the ads or not. You can choose to pay via Square Cash or PayPal. Likewise, to be able to withdraw the money for the first time, you must wait approximately three months; after that, the payment is monthly.


Gelt - Best 10 App For Earn Money Online

With Gelt you will accruecash that you can then withdraw at an ATM. The tasks to be completed are very versatile and consist of photographing the supermarket purchase invoices and uploading them to the app. However, you must ensure that you have purchased one of their selected products to receive your cashback, or else you will not be abiding by the application’s policies, nor will you receive any money. Another great way to increase your income is by inviting your friends to use the app: for each of them you will receive 50 cents.



With this application you can earn up to $ 36 annually just by sharing your Amazon purchase history. And since you are probably a frequent user of this great global ecommerce, you will end up taking an impressive advantage of this free app.

ShopTracker is operated by The Harris Poll, a polling company that measures public opinion in the United States. In this case, aims to find out which products are the most purchased by users through Amazon. You will have to download the app and provide some of your data to complete the synchronization with your Amazon account.But this process will hardly take you just a couple of minutes, which is quite practical.

This is one of the best applications to earn money that you can use this year, and although the refund is not that high, it can still be used to make new purchases in this online store.

Gift Hunter Club

Gift Hunter Club
Gift Hunter Club

Through this app you can increase your income after completing simple and quick tasks such as completing surveys, trying other applications, watching videos, or participating in contests. Gift Hunter Club also works as a website, and when you visit it you can earn money doing the same jobs, which will double your chances of benefiting.

This is one of those applications to earn money that will allow you to have fun for a while, which will keep you motivated and interested to continue using it and recommending it. And is that with its referral system all parties win; in fact, its creators have designed two levels of referrals: you get 10% of your guests ‘earnings, in addition to 5% of your referrals’ guest earnings. The minimum payment is 2 euros, or 2 dollars via PayPal, but you can also choose Amazon gift cards that you can use at your convenience.

Google Opinion Rewards

google opinion rewards
google opinion rewards

This is one of the most popular money-making applications on the market since its operation is quite easy.It was developed by Google, and is therefore only available on Google Play, which means that it is compatible only with the Android operating system.

Through this app you will have to answer short surveys – these do not have more than 2 or 3 questions.In return you will receive rewards that you can use to buy movies, music, or other applications on Google Play.

Fluid Market (available on iOS and Android)

This shared economy application allows users to rent cargo vans, 4×4 trucks, or cars on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. According to the same company, you can earn $ 24,000 per year by renting your car.

Bookscouter (available on iOS and Android)

With the Bookscouter app you can make money by selling old and new books. Once you have downloaded the app, you can easily sign up using your email address or via Facebook or other social media. Then simply scan the barcode of the book with the phone’s camera and the buyer has to offer the price and choose the best one. Please note that it is free shipping.

Userfeel (available on iOS and Android)

With Userfeel you can take part in usability tests. In other words, you’ll be rewarded for visiting and exploring new websites, performing a variety of simple tasks on the site, and providing feedback and critiques. Each test takes 10-20 minutes and $ 10 per test is paid in cash via PayPal or Payoneer.

Best indian app for Earn money online

How can I make money from app for free? This list of the best money earning apps will show you how to earn money using mobile phones. here the best indian app that you can use for earn money online at home.

1. Google Opinion Rewards – Paid Surveys For Cash

2. Meesho – Reselling Products

3. TagMango – Earn Money Using Social Media

4. Roz Dhan – Read News & Play Games

5. Loco – Play Games and Earn Money

6. Frapp – Money Earning App for Students

7. cashKarma – Rewards & Gift Cards

Conclusion: It is worth mentioning that among the Earn money online application you can come across possible scams so you must be very careful.

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