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Mobile Delivery App

The scope and demand of mobile apps are greater now than at any other time. There are many factors leading to this rise in demand, such as technological advancement, making it necessary for daily routine tasks and the increasing trend of e-commerce. E-commerce refers to the execution of business activities over electronic means, i.e., the internet. Although it is not a new term in today’s world, its scope touched the sky during the recent uncertain conditions faced due to the pandemic. 

When the whole world faced an uncertain lockdown with partial or full termination of almost every activity, people moved towards the electronic means to keep the wheel moving. From education to business and healthcare, everything went digitized as much as possible. In education, online classes were taken with the help of certain mobile apps that were easily available over the internet all around the globe. Additional help was provided by online academic help platforms such as nursing assignment help UK. Similarly, e-commerce activities are also assisted by many mobile apps for certain functions such as ordering, payment and delivery. Mobile apps benefit e-commerce a lot because they are easily accessible by users without spending any money. Secondly, people find it easy to stay at home, place their order, make the payment, and get the product. Moreover, some mobile apps offer exclusive features and offer to their users. 

Mobile Delivery App
Mobile Delivery App

Mobile delivery apps are in trend nowadays. A reason for their popularity among users is that they make the delivery pre-planned, which makes the delivery process smooth and organized. Moreover, it helps in the calculation of delivery charges automatically on the basis of distance and, in some cases, the weight of the consignment. It not only saves time for the user but also prevents additional fuel charges leading to customer dissatisfaction. Another significant feature of mobile delivery apps is that they enable users to track the progress of their order and do not have to wait unnecessarily long. When they know exactly when their order will reach their doorsteps, they will ensure their presence at home. It is also beneficial for the rider as he would not have to go unsuccessful. Mobile apps facilitate tracking for the users via a GPS tracking system. It reduces customers’ anxiety as they can see the movement of their order through their mobile app and keep themselves calm. 

Moreover, the users remain updated through real-time notifications. Soon after placing the order, the user will start to receive notifications regarding their order confirmation and later regarding their order status. When their order gets packed and dispatched from the delivery point, they receive notification again and finally, when the rider is on his way, notification is delivered to the customer. 

The features of the mobile delivery app do not end with the delivery of the consignment. It also facilitates customer’s feedback portal to receive reviews from the users regarding their service. They also respond to complaints from customers’ side. They can submit their feedback in the form of written comments or by rating them according to the quality of their service. It helps you collect useful data about your customers to be used efficiently for business growth and development. Good ratings and positive feedbacks boost your app as they show customers satisfaction and confidence in the service. Others will get a hint of your service by these reviews and be sure that their consignment will reach them safely and timely. 

Mobile apps usually render faster service than the website. They do not get slowed down due to heavy traffic. Moreover, they are more secure. The risk of cyber attacks or glitches is minimal. Their use is quite easy and simple for users. Some other features offered by mobile delivery apps are automation, delivery process management in real-time and easy tracking. An efficient mobile delivery app leads to earning more revenues for your business. 

Some of the popular mobile delivery apps are mentioned below, along with their main features. 

Exicube Delivery App:

Exicube Delivery App is an app for booking vehicles for the delivery of parcels. It is available for both Android and iOS. It comes with free future updates. These updates include bug solution, security and discretionary version updates for a lifetime. The setup manual for the app is also well documented. It also includes video links for better demonstration. The option for referral bonuses and promos can be activated at the Admin portal. The referral program rewards both parties; the one who refers and the one who responds to the referral. Promo codes help in earning discounts in payments at the time of making payment. It also facilitates communication between the user and the service provider through chatting or phone calls. User has the complete control over his profile management. He can create, edit or delete his profile and account whenever he wants. The app facilitates three modes of payment, including cash, wallet and payment gateways. The customers are allowed to pay cash on delivery. The wallet can be used if both parties have a wallet. The app offers numerous online payment gateways, such as Paystack, Paypal, Stripe, Payfast, Culqi, SecurePay, Braintree, Liqpay and Payu-Iatam. Different features ensure the security of the delivery. OTP system is employed to match the customer to the agent. The customer can track delivery. The agent has the entire delivery information. Taking delivery and pickup pictures is mandatory for the agent. 

Active e-Commerce Delivery Boy Flutter App:

This is a delivery app for facilitating e-commerce. To use this app, you must first purchase it and get it installed on the server. After that, you need to install it on your PC through an easy process. This app aims to deliver a memorable experience to its users through its promising service. There is a dashboard that displays important information such as completed, cancelled, on the way, assigned, picked and pending delivery. It also includes total collected cash and total earnings. It is available on the Play store as well as the App Store.


GoDelivery is a customer app and delivery software for managing local deliveries. It provides local businesses with superior quality service and features. It increases the efficiency of your business and delivery system. It has integrated payment options through card and Paypal. It also facilitates real-time messaging between the rider and the user. The admin panel is responsible for assigning orders to the rider.

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